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7 Changing program parameters via the Real Slider (or Real Knob) 19. Select Menu Bar => Device => Virtual Source => Noise Generator; place below Pulse Generator. 20. Open its object menu; select Add terminal => Data Input => Amplitude; click on OK. 21. Select Menu Bar => Data => Continuous => Real64 Slider; place it to the left of the Noise Generator. Note: As later labs will demonstrate, the slider object may be replaced by a knob. The tick marks on either of them can be spaced either linear or logarithmic.

Double-click in the Formula Object white space; change its formula to read: Cosine + Noise 10. Select Menu Bar => Display => Waveform (Time); place it to the right of the other three objects. 11. Connect the Formula output pin Result to the Waveform input pin Trace1. 12. Move Waveform (Time) so its display shows fully in the Main window. 13. Run this program. What happened? Note 1: You should have observed a VEE Pro Run Time Error box with a red title bar. It should state: Variable was not found: Noise.

53. Select the Colors tab; click the Title or Object Background button; Select Color for Object (or Object Title) will appear; change both colors if desired. 10 VEE Pro: Practical Graphical Programming 54. Select your color(s); click OK. 55. Click OK on Main Properties dialog box. Changing colors and fonts on an object 56. Double-click on the Operator Interface Main Title Bar; the Properties box will appear. ¸ 57. Click on Colors. 58. Select your preference; click OK twice to return to the Panel View.

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