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By E. Luther Copeland

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Why this booklet - in particular seeing that there are lots of books facing a similar topic? One resolution is that almost all Christians are thinking about a cause for helping Christian missions between foreign religions and cultures, in the event that they can achieve this with integrity and with justification for wholehearted admire for the opposite religions and the cultures trained through them. This ebook intends to supply simply this sort of motive, to illustrate that you possibly can confirm the Christian challenge across the world and interculturally with out diminishing both the significance of excellent interreligious relationships or the popularity of the value of the main religions.

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No doubt its importance is even larger than its membership. Actually, Hinduism is a kind of overall name given to the great diversity of religions that have grown in the fertile soil of India through its long history. In addition to its great antiquity and spirituality, Hinduism greatly prizes its almost incredible diversity and its belief that none of its varieties can claim final validity. Though it may seem contradictory, the Hindu view is that a religion, such as Hinduism, that recognizes the relative validity of all religions, is superior to one that does not.

However, I believe that this type of pluralism calls for a radical reassessment of the Christian understanding of incarnation, atonement, and revelation, and I doubt that Christian faith can sustain such without serious detriment to its truth claims. However, it is time to introduce, even if briefly, some representative theologies of religions. Page 23 Chapter 2 Theology of Religions: Representative Viewpoints Pluralism itself, therefore, has become a significant and controversial issue in the developing Christian theology of religions.

The New Awareness What accounts for this twentieth-century phenomenon? Why this new consciousness of the challenge of the world religions to Christian faith? There are many factors that have helped produce this new situation, such as the development of modern science, the end of political colonialism, and the vast array of information provided by the study of world religions. Primarily, however, the reason for the new challenge of the religions to Christian faith is that the amazing new means of communication and transportation that characterize the modern world have brought people of other cultures to our very doorsteps, and usually these migrants have carried their religions with them.

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