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By John A. Eddy

"The highlights of the hot and intriguing images of the solar as taken by way of Skylab astronauts are offered. issues of debate and images contain: (1) the closest celebrity; (2) the mask of the sunlight; (3) the solar from house; (4) the sun telescope on Skylab; and (5) the sun effects from Skylab - the quiet sunlight and the lively Sun."

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In truth, no one has ever seen beneath the photosphere. The Sun's prodigious energy is believed to be generated by nuclear processes in the deep interior of the Sun, in a dense, hot central core, about the size of Jupiter, the largest planet. : hot enough to trigger the process of atomic fusion by which hydrogen, the Sun's abundant fuel, is converted to helium. Energy released from this continuing process seeps outward through the dense interior by radiation—the same method that carries sunlight through the solar system.

Wilson Observatory in California. Pictures of the Sun made in this way show us the solar chromosphere that lies between the sunspot layer (photosphere) and the corona. This exceptional example is printed as a "negative" so that prominences (filaments) on the disk appear lighter than the background. The large dark area at lower center is an active region, or chromospheric plage, that overlies an unseen sunspot group. The patterns of spicules are clearly seen over the disk, arranged in a pattern known as the chromospheric network.

Young, 1896 'he story of what we know of the Sun is also _L the history of solar instruments: the telescope, spectroscope, and many others. Without them we would know little more of the Sun than its position in the sky. Indeed, man's understanding of the Sun has never proceeded regularly, but always in surges, following new instrumental breakthroughs. Each new look, from Galileo's simple telescope to Skylab's powerful array, has brought a new and often surprising view of what was once thought to be a simple sphere of fire.

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