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A brief historical past of Parliament used to be first released in 1953. Minnesota Archive variations makes use of electronic expertise to make long-unavailable books once more available, and are released unaltered from the unique collage of Minnesota Press editions.

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Their walled headquarters in London included a wharf on the Thames River bank, a hall, armory, houses, warehouses, and a staalhof or sample yard, in which they displayed their wares, whence the English steelyard. They brought amber, wood, timber, horses, herrings, and cheese. At times they carried three fourths of the exports of British wool, and nearly all of the cloth. Still, prophetic for the future, comes in Richard II's reign the first navigation act. There were not enough English ships to make it enforceable, but it was a sign that at last the English government was taking some interest in protecting native merchants and shippers.

Habits of parliamentary initiative — especially that of the Commons — and a great deal of compliance on the part of Henry IV and Henry V, do give the appearance of a new character to the period" (Joliffe). Henry IV was enthusiastically received by most of the population, lay and ecclesiastical, and especially by the citizens of London, whose liberties had suffered at Richard's hands. Henry was, of course, already well known as Bolingbroke, heir of the great Duke of Lancaster, and had distinguished himself as a crusader in the armies of the Teutonic Knights.

Probably in early days representatives of the shires were elected, not merely by the small tenants-in-chief, but by all the freeholders of the county who were assembled in the county court. Who actually attended the ordinary monthly meeting of the court? Not all freeholders were required or desired to attend. Suit of court had become attached to certain holdings of land whose tenants were bound to this duty by the terms of their tenure. Others might be present merely as parties concerned in cases to be tried.

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