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This quantity offers the total transcript of a five-day seminar with Milton Erickson. Her the reader will event Erickson speaking approximately his approach to treatment, demonstrating his innovations, telling one attention-grabbing anecdote after one other - anecdotes which regularly produce emotions of cognitive dissonance and shock, yet ultimately remove darkness from new methods of seeing sufferers and brooding about psychotherapy. In his introductory bankruptcy, Jeffrey Zelig demonstrates how Erickson used anecdotes to speak on numerous degrees instantly in an exceptionally robust approach. additionally, the appendix offers a close dialogue by way of Erickson and Zelig of 2 introductions within the transcripts, revealing the precision of Erickson's educating, within which each move each inflection and each organization have importance.

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Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M. , Volume 1. California: Meta Publications, 1975. Carkhuff R. R. Sc Berenson, B. G. Beyond Counseling and Therapy. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1967. Erickson, M. H. The Confusion Technique in Hypnosis. American journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 1964, 6, 183-207. Erickson, M. , Rossi, E. , & Rossi, S. I. Hypnotic Realities. New York: Irvington, 1976. Haley,J. Strategies of Psychotherapy. , 1963. Mead, M. The Originality of Milton Erickson.

Through the use of anecdotes, a point can be made in a memorable and powerful way. In consideration of the structure of human memory, it is easier to remember the theme of an anecdote than it is to remember the same material in the form of a simple sentence. Anecdotes can be used to “tag” a person’s memory; they make simple ideas come alive. Consider the following example: Early in 1980, I was involved in my first case regarding the forensic use of hypnosis. Erickson was quizzed for some advice.

A more diffuse person will move more often and shift his/her attention from one thing to the next. Attentiveness can also be diagnosed as to whether the focus is internal or external. Internal people are preoccupied with their own inner life — their own feelings and thoughts and movement. External people are more attentive to what is going on around them. (Erickson was like a cat. ) 4) By telling an anecdote, the therapist can also learn something about the patient’s flexibility in regard to control in relationships.

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