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21 interesting stories of exchange History!

What if destiny had grew to become out another way in those United States?

What if the Louisiana buy by no means happened?
What if George Washington were a Loyalist?
What if a billionaire cloned the Founding Fathers?
What if the Vikings had settled North America?
What if the Apollo eleven moon touchdown had failed?

These and lots of different eventualities are explored in
Atlered America!

Featuring tales via Jackson Kuhl, Dan Gainor, Bruno Lombardi, Edmund Wells, Sam Kepfield, Brad Hafford, Erik Bundy, Dusty Wallace, Owen Morgan, Ryan McCall, Jason Sharp, Sean Menken, William R.D. wooden, Jeff Provine, James S. Dorr, Martin T. Ingham, Lauren A. Forry, Cyrus P. Underwood, Charles Wilcox, and Philip Overby.

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His wife's thoughts returned to a point they had reached earlier in the day. "Everyone is obsessed with the Accident, even if they do not show it immediately. We're all sick with guilt. " "It's a pretty fleeting grip, as the cholera reminds us, but -" "Our society, our biosphere, has been sick for forty years now. How can the individual remain healthy in it? " Not liking the note in her voice, Timberlane went over and sat on the edge of her bed, saying strongly, "Anyhow, our immediate concern is with Croucher.

As they lurched across the bridge, the third vehicle in the convoy loomed up ahead of them. From the wooden sentry post they had passed, a machine-gun woke into action. Bullets clattered against the grating across the back of their truck, making the inside ring like a steel drum. The windscreen of the vehicle ahead shattered, new rips bloomed sharp across its old canvas. With a whistle of tyres, it slewed off to one side. The driver flung open his door, but fell back into the cab as it canted to the other side.

Waste an organization chasing phantoms! " "They did. The corrupt politicians of Westminster aspired to discover this elixir of life and immortality and perpetuate it for their own personal advantage. With that kind of nonsense we aren't going to be bothered. " They stared at each other. "I will accept your offer," said Timberlane, "though I cannot see how it will benefit you. I will record whatever you do at the Churchill. " "Documents! You talk like one of those clever fool dons in the other room.

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