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Depicted as a serpent with feathers, Quetzalcóatl appears to have been a peaceful god of agriculture. The archaeological evidence shows no record of human sacrifice or warfare at Teotihuacán. Temple of Quetzalcoatl (close-up of carved zoomorphic stone gods), Aztec culture, Mexico. Corbis. Reproduced by permission. D. 750, when it began to decline rapidly. Archaeologists have suggested several possible reason for its downfall, including a fire that engulfed much of the city. The fire may in turn have been the result of organized action, either by rebels or outside invaders such as the warlike Toltecs (TOHL-tekz), then on the rise.

Still another coastal people influenced by the Chavín culture were the Nazca. C. D. 600. ” The lines are representations of spiders, birds, and other creatures, made out of rock formations and grooves cut into the earth. The representations are so large they can be seen only from a great height. Naturally, this fact has long perplexed archaeologists. If the Nazca possessed no flying machines—not even hot-air balloons—why and how did they The Americas 275 The jaguar was revered by the Mesoamerican peoples.

Buddhist temple. Susan D. Rock. Reproduced by permission. D. 300s, things began to stabilize somewhat, with the Toba Wei in control of the north and the Eastern Chin holding the south. It was during this time that Buddhism entered China, assuming quite a different form than it had in India. The Chinese adopted what was called Mahayana Buddhism (mah-huh-YAH-nuh; “Great Vehicle”), which held that others could become buddhas by following the teachings of the Buddha. In 399, a Chinese Buddhist named Fa-hsien (fa-SHIN) traveled south to study the religion firsthand in India.

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