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By Murray R. Spiegel

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This quantity prepares readers to translate mathematically utilized difficulties into the language of differential equations, remedy these differential equations topic to given stipulations coming up within the difficulties, and interpret the suggestions received.

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C) Are the equations in (a), often called the Cauchy-Riemann equations, valid for other functions? Explain. 5. (a) Prove that a solution of the partial differential dw is given by (b) 9? By using = U{x,y), where U{x,y) the result in (a), dcp = c is the general solution of ^y' obtain a solution of dcp equation dap =f(x,y). : First-Order and Simple Higher-Order Equations 36 (c) Show that q> = wW(x,y)], where y is Ch. 2 an arbitrary function, is a more general (a). Illustrate by obtaining other solution of the partial differential equation in solutions of the equation in (b).

In Fig. 1. Sec. V Differential Equations in Genera! 19 = for x ^ and that y increases (in x ^ 0. By simple methods which we discuss later, the scientist working the problem deduced that the general solution of (1) is jv = Cx^, where C is an arbitrary constant. Theoretical considerations provided the condition y = 1 where x = 1, which agreed with experiment. Thus, the scientist decided that the required solution was given by >' = x^, the graph of From this some way) curve it appears that >' for (2,8) Fig.

X-I^'jv oy dx Also, if u = 1, the equation (2) is already exact. Ch. 2 First-Order and Simple Higher-Order Equations 30 and upon comparison of so, (1) and we (2), see that — — =N = M, dy dx Differentiating the we respect to x, first of equations with respect to y and the second with (3) find* _ dM a't; dy dx Under (3) _ dN d^U dx dy By . dx suitable conditions, the order of differentiation is immaterial,! so that equations (4) lead to the condition dx dy This is a necessary condition for exactness; exact, then of necessity it states that if (5) holds, then M dx + find a function t/such that dUldx can be provedf and shows that We summarize these remarks Theorem.

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